Setting and Use

ACARS is a program for data transmission to our VMS server.

Data such as departure / arrival airport, travel speed, travel altitude are recorded and transmitted to the server.

The transmission to the server does not record any personal data, only data generated in the simulator.

In order to use our live flight tracking, you have to register in the Operation Center.

This registration is voluntary and not a requirement to fly on our airline.

However, active participation is desirable.

If you have any questions, please contact the @Manager or @jeffbo in the Discord


Here is a brief description of how you can set up ACARS and then use it.

  • In order to be able to use ACARS, you first have to register in the Operations Center.
    There you will find all the necessary data in your profile.
  • Next, download the program itself.


  • Start the program
    When starting for the first time, the Settings page is displayed.
  • Enter the website in the Server address field
  • Enter your API in the API field.
    You can find this in your profile.


  • In the next step, select the simulator you are using.
  • Perform a scenery scan.
    In the event that the scenery can change, activate the setting check scenery automatically.
  • Click Save to save
How to Use
On the FTW Website

1. Accept a flight from the job exchange or take a flight yourself in the
    order planning.

2. Start the flight in the terminal and open the flight information.
    Click on SimBrief data transfer.
    SimBrief automatically takes over all relevant data

3. Generate the OFP on the SimBrief page.
    Refuel the aircraft in the terminal using the rate specified in the OFP
    Block fuel.

    Please remember the BOR petrol stations and terminals
    to use.


4. Download the OFP from SimBrief so that it can be used in ACARS.

IN ACARS flight preparation

1. Load the OFP into the ACARS with the Load Flightplan button
    This means that all data, except for the flight number, are transferred.

2. Enter the flight number, in the flight number field. And use the correct aircraft id.

3. Now you can start the flight in ACARS.

Do not forget to start the flight in YAACARS, so do the connection to FTW.
After landing, end the flight in ACARS and YAACARS.

IN ACARS End flight

1. Click on Flight End flight

2. A summary is then displayed.
     Click on File Flight.

3. If the “PIREP” was successfully transferred, it is displayed in ACARS.

4. The flight has now been registered and released in phpVMS.

5. Bill the flight in FTW and please don’t forget the BOR terminals to use.

No liability is assumed for downloads, external content or forwarding.

ACARS Software