Airport LSGG
Geneva | Geneva

Geneva Airport has been in our route network since May 2021.

It is mainly served by our “business hopper” C700 and A320 fleet several times a week.

Since July 2021, our airport is also served by the B747-8i.
Depending on capacity and booking, up to 3 times a week.

From here, you can then fly to these airports:

Destination | Zielflughafen
  • EGBB | Birmingham
  • ESGG | Göteborg
  • KEWR | Newark
Beeline | Luftlinie

483 NM
723 NM
3449 NM

Airport Scenery

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X-Plane 11 | Airport und City Scenery


April 26th, 2021 inclusion in the route network
May 28, 2021 Extension of the terminal capacity to 350 pax
24.07.21 Enlargement of the terminal to 600 pax and extension of the fuel station to 250T